IT Consulting


Note: Not currently available for any new projects.

I have worked in IT since 1990, with specilizations in content management, web appplication development, data migrations, and platform transitions. I'm always happy to sit down, hear what your situation is, and figure out what help I can offer. An initial consultation is no cost. And you might be surprised what I can do without costing you a fortune -- automating business processes isn't always a huge project, and I've seen marked improvements in business metrics simply by making small improvements to web site content and fine-tuning some details.

Contact: dave @

What I Do

  • Data Migrations - Give me a database or a set of documents, and tell me where the data needs to be, and I'll figure out the best way to get it there, and make it happen.
  • Platform Transitions - Moving your business applications from one platform to another isn't really about the technical details. It is about making sure the business continues to flow properly. It is also about making sure you build your new system around the needs of your current business, not the tech requirements of your old platform. I'll help look at both the old platform and the new one, as well as each business process impacted, to devise the simplest migration path, that leaves you with a simpler IT system, and a better business at the end of the migration. With any luck, you'll end the project with lower operating costs while running faster.
  • Web Content Refinements - Different web sites have different purposes. But they all share one common goal - they are communicating with your audience. I can help make sure that communication is effective, and help make changes to your site to convert a visitor into a customer.
  • General IT Consulting - Having been in IT for a couple decades, I can walk into just about any situation and offer value. In particular, if you need just a little coding... not enough to hire a software developer, but more than your normal IT guy is comfortable with, that is the perfect time to call me. I'm happy to come in to spend a quick 5-10 hours knocking out a script to automate a process or two for you.

How I Work

  • Simple Solutions - Complex projects fail. Simple solutions work. I'd rather spend more time understanding your business and the problem at hand than jumping into a solution, to be sure we've found the simplest, most effective answer. Often, a small change to an existing system or process is a good first step.
  • One Problem At a Time - You aren't looking for a high-cost consultant, and I'm not looking for a high stress project. We avoid those things by doing one thing at a time. We identify one problem to solve, and we solve it. Lets pick your biggest pain point, devise a solution, make it happen, and only then move on to the next problem.
  • Incremental Improvements - While I do like to work in small steps, that doesn't mean I take one step and disappear. I like to build long-term relationships, adding one step after another, building on prior projects, evolving your business over time. We can accomplish great things via a series of small incremental improvements.
  • Technology only when needed - I don't believe that new technology is always the right answer. Sometimes a change to a business process using your current technology will work. Sometimes you have overly complex technology and we need to shut some things down. If we need something new, we'll go there. But I look for the right answer, not just an answer that lets us do a new project.


The best way to reach me is via email - please feel free to drop me a line at dave @