The Goat Coaster

Now let’s take a ride on the goat coaster. Remember that the goats we have are fosters, so while we feed em, love em, and milk em, we don’t own them, and so the babies are going to go to other homes. The kids were sad, but were happy to love on the baby goats just the same. Finally the day came when Vanessa and Dosa would be heading to their new homes, so I gave the kids my phone and told them to snap a few pictures of them and the babies before they left.

They handed me back a phone with a dead battery and 76 photos, 5 panoramas (including legs, dirt and the barn), and about 10 videos. The videos showed me that I need to discuss proper training techniques with my kids- if the chicken jumps for the apple, give it a piece of apple, don’t keep having it jump higher.

GOAT SELFIES. It’s probably a thing. Also windy selfies. We get wind here. I love seeing little black and white Vanessa- buy the time they left, she wasn’t so little. We said goodby to the goaties, a little sad, but knowing that in a few weeks we’d get some more babies.

He he, a few more weeks.

So later that day, Sara came by to work on her garden space. I’m not moving so fast with expanding the garden so we are renting out some garden space. She brought some kids with her to help, gave a try to the scythe, and let her kids pet the goats. As she’s rounding up kids, they beg to go pet the goats one more time. I’m glad she let them, because those kids discovered that


In retrospect, she was acting a little weird, like she was in labor, that morning, but I didn’t think anything of it because she wasn’t due yet. Whep. The due date was off, because that’s a fully formed, beautiful, baby boy goat.

We get to keep him, and we’ve named him Xander.


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