Welcome to summer. It starts off not too bad. The cherries ripen, so we all head out to pick. Ladders this year. And not very high in the trees.

I can see how I got into trouble. You start picking, and you get a good handful, then you see more just out of reach, so you move and get those, and see more just out of reach….. this year I just threw up my hands and told the birds to enjoy.

The rogue mama chicken hatched out her baby chicks. Two of them. Wow. That was a really low hatching ratio. But she’s done really well with them. She comes and goes into the run, and the chicks follow her. No one messes with her chicks, though. She’s attacked another hen who got too close. Like feather flying attack. They sleep in a corner of the yard behind the berries and free range in the yard. It’s kind of cute to see the little babies trailing behind their mama.


And it’s getting hot.

Dave’s parents came to visit, so we were able to introduce Mimi the grandmother to Mimi the goat.

Mimi the person threatened to take Mimi the goat on the rest of their road trip. Honestly, they are heading into Portland, and so a goat wouldn’t look that strange….. 😎

The grandparents took the kids on a whirlwind adventure while they were here. We had a boys/girls day, where the girls got hair cuts and pedicures while the boys went to the lava tubes. There were visits to the reservoir, the local indoor trampoline place, and the aquarium. We hadn’t been to the aquarium and had a great time.

Met a grouper. Who seemed mad that we all yelled “We’ve eaten grouper!”

Sat under a Cacao tree. Yum chocolate.

And ended the week with only a minor injury. I had attempted to put up my sun shade while at the reservoir but decided to take it back down again when we couldn’t get it to sit still in the wind. One of the spars came loose with great force and whipped my knee.

Ug. It’s all swollen too.

It looks like we may cool down a little here. Lets hope. It’s been roasty.


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