The weekend got better, Round 2

We’ve been keeping an eye on Una for about 2 weeks now, knowing she’s been getting close to birthing. It’s been crazy, she’ll doing something a little off and you are sure she’s going into labor, only to see her running through the field grubbing weeds an hour later and you realize nothing is happening. It’s been a little exhausting.

So today, when she was pawing in the bedding, I worked hard to assess if something really was happening. She was making funny noises, and was pawing the bedding to make a little nest, and did let me pet her a bunch…. and, well, it was looking like labor was actually happening.

Mr. K and I camped out in the barn for a bit. He’s the animal whisperer and really wanted to help. He stayed there while I went in and out a few times. I brought out our wood carving things to pass the time while we waited, because we could be there all day.

Things progressed pretty quickly, surprisingly. She found herself a comfy place, and gave birth to two baby goats.

Warning: photos of goat birth ahead. Very little blood, but lots of fluid.

Mr. K took this picture. You can see how she’s created a little nest.

A bubble of amniotic sac. We had put away our carving and just sat spellbound.

Goat face inside amniotic sac. Yes, it is both cool and gross.

The little black and white goat took a few pushes to get out. I sent K in to grab some towels to help wipe off little goat face. I moved the white goat, and suddenly, a black goat appeared!

It takes a little bit for the goats to find their feet and for their mom to lick them clean. It’s crazy to watch, they stumble and bleat and she comes right on over. They also need some help finding a teat to nurse on.

But they get clean, get some milk, and just look super darling.

For size: they come up to T’s waist, while she’s sitting.

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