It may look quaint….

But we are hoping that wrapping a picket fence around the garden keeps the chickens out. See chickens don’t jump over fences, they jump up to the top of a fence, and then fall over the other side. In theory, chickens won’t jump on the top of this because there is no place to land. So please, please let this keep the chickens out of my garden. I’ve got some new seedlings (thanks to some generous people) and seeds down in that garden. Now things just need to grow.

Though I don’t know if it will keep the cats out. Especially now that Jasper discovered he can drink water from the sprinklers.

The kids have decided that they are going to live in the teepee. Dave mentioned they may do better up on some cots. I mentioned this would be the weekend to find some. And we did.

We were successful in fostering 4 more baby chicks to the mama hen. Now she has a total of 8 babies. And I love watching them. The big ones figured out how to stand on the wood on the edge of the run to reach the water, and then taught the little ones. Mama keeps them warm in the cool mornings and keeps an eye on them in the hot afternoons.

Though, it appears all the cool chickens are brooding in random parts of the yard.

You can just see a little white in there, and yup, another chicken. I discovered her when I was mowing. I drove past, spitting mowed weeds in her direction, and she didn’t budge. She’s serious. I don’t know how long she’s been there or how many eggs are under her. We will just have to wait and see when more baby chicks appear, though I’m not sure where to put these ones. But more baby chicks, yea!


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