The weekend: It got better

I’ve been wanting to put a teepee on our property since, well, pretty much when we moved here. I like the idea of a demi-permanent structure that can hold up to the wind and be a fun place for kids to camp out in. We’ve looked at options for years, and one of the biggest things holding us back was shipping. Teepee poles are LONG and you need quite a few and so are crazy expensive to ship. We’ve thought about road tripping to Colorado to pick up poles from a company out there, but we’ve also kept our eye on the local market to find something used. I found a used one over the winter, and while it’s far from perfect, we finally got it up.

There are three small people excitedly sticking their heads out the door.

It took us about three tries to get it up. We discovered immediately the cover was in pretty poor condition- looks like it got wet when in storage. Gratefully I did some research before cursing the guy I got it from and discovered it can be cleaned. The cover spent a few days stretched out in the back field. It got rinsed and sprayed with peroxide and left in the sun to bleach. It’s not perfect but it is much better. Then we had to assemble the frame with the poles. The first time it was way to tall and wide. I figured out how tall it needed to be, but at the second try it was still too wide. We actually got a measuring tape (novel idea), discovered the tent isn’t as big as it was advertised (which made me almost blow my lid) but then finally Dave got all the poles in the right places. Dave is amazing. Put poles up, took them down, put them up, took them down, then put them up again. It’s still not perfect- the cover is a little lopsided, but the three little kids who are going to reside there for for the summer (or so they say) don’t even notice.

Hard to notice it’s sideways when it’s this beautiful.

Then, Sunday evening, when the boys went out to take care of the chickens, they came back in screaming that there were BABY CHICKS. I was so confused, did someone dump chicks on our property?

We very quickly figured out that one of our hens left the run, found herself a nice quiet place, gathered some eggs, and hatched em herself. Now, chicks take about 28 days to hatch. That means that chicken was protecting those eggs and keeping them warm during that cold spell and crazy storm. Good job, chicken mama. We scooped her up and the babies and put them in the barn. I didn’t think those tiny chicks would be safe with the bigger chickens and predators, though I have heard stories of mamas keeping their babies safe. I’m not taking chances with these little guys!

She refused to go inside and instead is sitting outside with those four babies tucked under her.

See them? Ug, it’s so cute. The chicks pop out, get some food, walk around, and then mama calls them back, lifts up her wings, and they disappear under her. I may see about picking up a few more chicks tonight and tucking them under her. Because why settle with just 4?

We’ve all hung out in the teepee a bit. Even the fuzzy ones.



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