ArmstrongBall is a game that evolved from playing with my children, behind our garage. Because we have a variety of ages, we devised rules that let the game be enjoyed even with vast differences in abilities, and with different numbers of players.

At its core, it is simply one person rolling a ball down a small hill, while everyone else tries to kick it back up, past the roller, and into a goal. It has similarities to soccer, but the rules differ, and the scoring is vastly different.


Note: this is an informal game for family and friends. Feel free to modify any of this to make it work for you.
If you enjoy playing, please use the links under the equipment section to buy some equipment. It will toss a few cents our way

Equipment Needed

How to set up the field:

Where to Be:

How to play:

Kicker Rules:

Roller Rules:


Action # Points For:
Ball rolls through outside sections of back line1Roller
Ball rolls through center section of back line3Roller
Ball rolls through others sections of back line2Roller
Kicker kicks ball into a goal1Kicker
Roller catches a kicked ball in mid-air1Roller
Kicker breaks a rule1Roller