Geode Collecting

by dave

A warm Saturday in March without major plans. That is unusual on many levels, but we embraced it, and went down to the San Rafael Swell to see if we could find any Geodes. We hiked around just off I-70, about a half mile north of the Interstate, at this one spot.. fairly well known, where there is a gate directly off I-70 you can pull straight off the interstate, through the gate, and onto dirt roads. It took us a bit to find a good parking place because I didn’t want to break down the edges of the road bed or the vegetation, but once we found one, the kids were off exploring before we even had our backpacks on.

We did find a few rocks that looked and felt promising for geodes, and I need to open them up today to see what is inside them. We also found a nice piece of jasper, maybe a foot square and about 3 inches thick,  which got picked up to add to my collection for chess pieces. And then we made a small campfire in an existing firepit, and had some lunch. We drove back through the San Rafael Swell stopping to look at petroglyphs,but mostly just enjoying the views. The road winds through canyons and cliffs that are fairly impressive… as nice as the national parks, in my opinion.

Of course, because it is March, after a lovely day of outdoor activity in the desert, we drove home through a blizzard in the mountains.