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Spring Adventures

by dave

The lack of posting here should not imply a lack of adventures this spring…

I have been out exploring the areas around Milford, UT, bringing home some obsidian, and a few other shiny things. The entire family spent a day collecting crystals out near Marysvale… the kids mostly found chunks of Selenite, but they were big and shiny so it made everyone happy. I found some rocks that had obsidian mixed up with sandstone, something blue/grey, and flecks of gold. I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and there was not much of it, but in my non-expert opinion, it is pretty cool.

The kids and I also explored old back roads between Eureka and Delta, and found some promising areas to come back to in the future, when we want to spend a longer time at a single site, really digging for treasures.