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End of Year 2015

by dave

Cliched thought it may be, I set goals for myself in 2015, and although there is still almost 2 weeks left in the year, it is close enough to see how I did:

  • Succeed at work. 
    • Did I succeed this year? Well, I didn’t fail. We delivered on projects. We have a vision for the future.  But I can’t claim anything extraordinary.
  • Get Healthier
    • Yes, but it is just the first step on what is hopefully a long journey.  Most of the year was spent talking to doctors and laying around in pain. We made some progress in the early winter, and I now am only in pain a couple nights a week. I am just now starting to lose weight and exercise again. But there are still some things wrong and not as of yet diagnosed.
  • Rekindle my creative efforts
    • Again, some success – I started painting again. Drawing, too. I have all the tools and supplies I need. We have my artwork hanging on the walls of our home, that was created this year. The only missing piece is the audience. I have not developed anything that I yet feel is worth submitting to any shows.
  • Succeed on the farm
    • We have a larger chicken flock, are inundated in eggs and dairy, and produced some honey and produce. We bred goats, and have 3 goats worth of meat in our freezer. Well maybe 2 – we have eaten some of it. We know what we need to do over the winter to increase our production next year. I’m calling this one a success.
  • Spend more time with children – restart the one-on-one talks and nights out that I did with my kinds in 2013.
    • I now have nightly talks with each child. We have gone out exploring the world multiple times. I have enough energy to do more around the house, and have taught how to do chores more efficiently, which means we spend more time working together.

I believe we can call 2015 a good year. Not an amazing year, but good enough.

2016 is more of the same:

  • Work – Either succeed or fail, decisively. Breaking my normal rules against talking about work, my company has hit a milestone that should allow us to all do amazing work this year. We should be able to grow and have a great year. My goal is to actually do so. However, if that goal fails to happen, it may be time to move on to something else, as it means that either I’m not doing as well as I can, or something out of my control is stifling the potential.
  • Health – I want to get to the point that I can exercise again. I want 2016 to end with me able to go on hikes, and be at least smaller than as I was when I left my last full-time office job.
  • Creativity – I want to keep painting and drawing, but also be more serious about photography, either as a final creative product, or to provide source materials for paintings and drawings. I also am going to start trying to do more serious writing, and improving my abilities as a writer instead of just being a guy who does blog posts once in a while.
  • Farm – Simple goals – get irrigation systems in for all garden boxes and fruit trees, keep the gardens weeded and watered, and have a non-trivial produce harvest in addition to our current production.
  • Family – Simply have a  happier and healthier family at the end of 2016 than we do at the end of 2015.