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No Adventures in Weeks?

by dave

It is true, the adventures stopped for a while. Mostly due to heat. Utah is a desert climate, mostly. Summers are the wrong time to be running around. Spring and Fall… those are adventure times.

So for the next 5 weeks, I’m choosing to increase my focus on work. The farm is stable, my other goings-ons in my life are slowing, and it is too hot to do much outside. So I’m hoping for a high-productivity period here for a few weeks.

So what does high productivity really look like as a work-from-home developer?  It doesn’t mean 16 hour coding sessions, 7 days a week, at least not for me. But it does mean more short coding sessions in a day. Instead of coding most of the standard work day, then signing off until the next day, a potential work day could go something like: Get up, do my morning ramp-up routine, code a feature, go for a walk, code another feature, have lunch with kids, code a feature, hang out with wife, code a feature, play card games with kids, code a feature, milk the goats, code a feature, puts kids to bed, code a feature, play a video game, code a feature, watch netflix, go to bed.

(Replace any of those “code a feature” moments with “have a meeting”, “run a data import”, “solve problems”…. the point is to make the work progress.)


With that kind of continual coding spread across my days, I never really shut down the brain… I ramp up faster each day, I can spread code over a few projects, think more between coding, and just do it all faster.

So why not do this all the time?

  1. It only works when my life is not very busy. Personal projects and time are diminished.
  2. I have to want to be productive. This requires having projects that are enjoying and satisfying, having confidence in the products and the company, and being in a good place mentally and emotionally. It is actually surprising how often one or more of those things is not true, and when one is not true, it tends to take down the others.
  3. Burn out will occur. I can do this for a few weeks, but not a few months.  But at this very moment, we have an event coming up in just over a month – it gives me a nice vision of exactly how long I should ramp up my efforts, and I get a break from it all in early September. (Conferences are work, but different work.)