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Weekend Adventures – Early May 2015

by dave

Last Weekend – Diamond Fork Canyon

A trip to Diamond Fork Canyon barely counts as an adventure – it is only 10 minutes form home. But I wasn’t feeling up for an overnight trip, so we decided on just heading up here for a bit. It was E and T’s turn this weekend, and they invited their Cousin, K.

We went first up to “that place up there with the red rocks”:

And much fun was had hiking around the rocks:

I also took them to a little place a bit farther up the road, where there are always heaps of snail shells to be found. I’ve never seen live snails, so I am not sure where these come from… there could be a hidden snail population, or these could be old things from back when all of this was a lake. I’m not sure, but each time the kids found one, they sounded really joyful, so it was a fun hike.


This Weekend – Fumarole Butte, Baker Hot Springs

I had noticed the top of Fumarole Butte a few times when out at Topaz Mountain, so I looked at a map, and it showed a road heading up to the top. ┬áK and I thought we’d head up there, maybe camp up on top and explore.

Well, that road wasn’t really a road. Maybe it was a few years ago, but it wasn’t really passable. I suspect there are other ways up, but it was getting dark and rain was coming, so we just camped out.

Before it got completely dark, we decided to see just how long the string on my kite was:

The two of us slept at the edge of the old volcano, surrounded by huge piles of volcanic rocks. K found one that was about twice his size, with a smooth side that he could slide down. He called it his rock slide…

The next day, we made our way back down to the paved road, and drive up towards the nearby hot springs. It was a dreary day, but I took a picture of the rocks nearby anyway, just to show what the edge of the volcano looks like:

We made our way to the hot springs, where someone has built 3 concrete hot tubs, with pipes to let in the hot water. There is no cold water, so you have to be careful not to let in too much heat, otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time for it to cool down enough to get in.



The water coming down to the tubs is hot enough to come off the ground as steam. On a cold morning, it doesn’t seem like water on the ground could be that hot, but it was too hot to touch:

It is an interesting place to be, with steaming water flowing through the tall grasses:

After soaking our feet for a while, we kept on driving, exploring the dirt roads and driving halfway back to home before hitting pavement again. And of course, it would not be a weekend adventure with a little bit of practice with K’s bow and arrow: