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Writing Again

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I’m feeling the need to express myself again, even without a specific audience to hear me. I’m doing more artwork these days, and I am going to start trying to write again.

As I was looking back through older posts, (while trying not to be overly self-conscious about things I wrote in the past, and remembering that cringing at your old work is a sign that you have grown)…

I noticed a set of goals I had written up for 2014, and just wanted to write on whether or not I hit these goals:

  • Finish fixing up the new farm and get gardens, fruit trees,  and animals going.
    We really did well here. Last winter, we had no animals and had not grown anything the prior year. we now have goats, rabbits, chickens, and a beehive. We harvested over 100 pounds of cherries, go some vegetables out of the ground, and learned what kinds of garden boxes, irrigation, and composting do/do not work here.
  • Get better at the new job, and start to really contribute more.
    Mixed results here. In some ways, I feel less productive, but that may be because we knocked out the small easy projects in 2013, and spent most/all of 2014 on a major project.
  • Find the correct routine for everyone’s work – school work, my work, farm work, and house work.
    I think we actually succeeded here. It took most of the year, but now we really do have daily chore lists, specific quiet times at home when everyone is working, and all family members seem to be getting more done during the days.
  • Get healthier.
    Well, no. But it is another year, so another chance to try.
  • Rekindle my creative efforts.
    Not in 2014, no. But I am working on it now.


And to let me have some specific content to respond to next January, let me post my goals for 2015, in no particular order:

  • Succeed at work. I’m in my 3rd year at my current job, so the goal isn’t very specific anymore – just keep working and offering value.
  • Get Healthier
  • Rekindle my creative efforts, and start to get my artwork and side projects out to an actual audience.
  • Succeed on the farm – We want to produce enough food to significantly reduce our need for grocery stores.
  • Spend more time with children – restart the one-on-one talks and nights out that I did with my kinds in 2013.