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Update: One year later, I am re-linking the blog. I’m starting to feel like writing again. I still don’t have a purpose in mind, so expectations should be low for the quality of any future posts…


I’ve never promoted this blog, as I was never sure what I was doing with it, but I have now decided to de-link it from my site. Which means, odds are there won’t be any readers.

I’m cool with this. I’ve made a decision.

I don’t want people to think of me as a tech guy. It is my job, sure. But I really am much more into my family, our farm, and trying to re-build a family martial arts practice.

That does not mean I am not a tech guy. But it does mean that I no longer desire my online “persona” to be “tech guy”.

So this blog – I’m leaving it up, and may still write.  Or may not. I think my initial desire to put it up was more due to a lack of an outlet for tech talks, probably stemming from the (relative) isolation of a work-at-home job. But I’m over that now.