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More Angst

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Standard disclaimer – the ‘migratenotes’ posts come from a Notes Migration blog that I wrote from 2007-2010.  More Info


I know, I know… I am done with this blog. No need for any more updates.

But I’m also feeling guilty that my last post was probably unfair to the IBM folk. Their attitude just came across badly, and set us against them.

So I thought I would provide a little more info on how things are going…

We’re down to 75 apps. All mail is finally off the system. Apps still send outgoing emails, but we have no more incoming emails. Room reservations are finally gone. I expect some people will be surprised that they stayed on Notes so long… the truth is, Exchange couldn’t compete with the flexibility of the Notes reservations system. We had a customized system that would allow people to order different table/chair configurations for conference rooms. The only way we got off of Notes for meeting reservations was to force it via management…. just telling people that they were losing functionality and had to deal with it.

Another surprise – our two problem apps which really haven’t found a good home on the Microsoft platform may have a better answer. People are looking into salesforce.com as a new platform for these apps. I haven’t seen enough of it to comment on its technical feasability, but the business folk like what they have seen, and one of our architects has confirmed that it can do what we need. I don’t see how that solution will save money, nor will it simplify our environment. But if this migration was based in ROI and simplicity, it never would have started in the first place.

But I really wanted to share how the job is feeling now:

On the good side, I like this place that I work. It is a decent company, with good people, fair compensation, and reasonable management. It is stable, despite the effects of the recession. I have no real complaints about the company or my position within it.

On the bad side, if I don’t want to be a Microsoft coder (and I don’t), I don’t know what my future here holds. I’ve chatted with my boss about my desire to find a new path… so maybe we will come up with something. But one thing the last few years have taught me — I just don’t like working with the Microsoft tools. I never intend to take another job at a Microsoft-based shop. I intend to find another role within my current company at some point in the future. If I cannot, then I will need to consider a more drastic change.

I’ve given MS a chance – I’ve spent 5 years learning their platforms and working with them. After that time, I think it is fair to pass judgment — I am adamant that I do not intend to build a microsoft-based career.