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Quick Update from this Defunct Blog

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Standard disclaimer – the ‘migratenotes’ posts come from a Notes Migration blog that I wrote from 2007-2010.  More Info


Just in case anyone still has me in their RSS readers, a quick FYI:

We just hit a nice milestone. We have under 100 apps left in our Notes Environment.
As of right now, there are 99 apps remaining.

99 apps in our Notes Environment, 99 apps in Notes… Shut one down, archive it down…

IBM did come in and meet with us, trying to show us all the benefits of sticking with Notes, and all the new features in 8.5. Sadly, they missed the point. They showed us all the great new dev tools (xpages, udpated designer, etc), but nothing that would improve our business. It felt more like they were trying to recruit me into being their evangelist than actually listening to our needs.

Then, in regards to the migration, they said, “We are not aware of ANYONE that has actually shut down their Notes environment.”

Well, that just sounds like a gauntlet being laid down. I doubled my efforts to shut the thing down. And we now have plans in place for all of our major apps. Those plans will take time to realize due to the economy, but we have an answer for every remaining app.