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Level of Satisfaction as a SharePoint Developer

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Standard disclaimer – the ‘migratenotes’ posts come from a Notes Migration blog that I wrote from 2007-2010.  More Info


As we are now a few weeks into 2009, I’ve been thinking carefully about what direction I should take my career.

The current economy doesn’t leave me many choices, so this is mostly an academic exercise – the reality is that I will just keep my current job for the foreseeable future.

But, were I to have my choice, I think I would choose not to pursue any more SharePoint skills or jobs. I’ve done enough of it now that I know its good side, and its bad side. And I’m just not enjoying it. My time is either spent doing a lot more configuration than coding, or I am fighting the platform with code to try to bend it to my will. I like using technology to solve problems, not fighting technology to create basic business process applications.

SharePoint does work. .NET does work. BizTalk works, InfoPath works, the whole Microsoft platform works. But it just isn’t a satisfying platform to work under. When I was 100% Dedicated to Lotus Notes, I could have some passion about the platform. But under Microsoft… my job is just a job.

This weekend, I just downloaded Django and did a few basic projects. It was quick, it was easy, and it was fun. If Notes jobs aren’t around, and SharePoint is boring… I may have to spend my time in the open source world. When the economy gives me the luxury of choice, that is…