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End of Year Review – 2008

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Standard disclaimer – the ‘migratenotes’ posts come from a Notes Migration blog that I wrote from 2007-2010.  More Info


It is coming up on the end of my first full year doing this migration. I started the effort last fall, but all my time in 2007 was dedicated to learning SharePoint.

But it is now time for the annual corporate performance review. Everyone in the organization now tries to pimp themselves, pontificating on all the wonderful accomplishments from 2008, trying to get that extra 50 dollars on their bonus check that a good review will offer.

And I’m finding this time to be a strong validation that the migration is going well. Because people are trying to jump in and find ways to include my work into their own accomplishments. It doesn’t bother me — I already know the ethics of those in question, and they are doing exactly what I expect them to do.

But, yes — it was a good year. 12 months ago, I could barely do anything with SharePoint. I now am comfortable that I can make SharePoint do what I want it to do, and when adding InfoPath into the mix, I can make either the Lotus platform or the Microsoft platform perform well.

I’ve done a number of projects on SharePoint, an equal number in Notes, and cleaned up both environments with the help of my peers. I’ve eliminated 80% of the Notes environment, with high hopes to do the other 20% in 2009. (The first 80% was the easy stuff.)

Of course, if I do succeed in that, I’ll need to find a new gig in 2010. But that is a long ways off…