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Standard disclaimer – the ‘migratenotes’ posts come from a Notes Migration blog that I wrote from 2007-2010.  More Info


Well, I finally got a day off from the disaster. Other team members are taking over from here, pretty much. At least over the weekend.

One nasty problem is still under investigation, but we’ve resolved or at least identified the causes and fixes for the rest of the problems.
A few lessons learned:

1) Have your server up to speed before setting up SharePoint. Be sure your patch levels are appropriate, and match on all servers.

2) The SmartPart is a cool little web part. BUT — don’t mix versions. Controls that work fine in older versions might not load properly in newer versions. Root cause unknown, but as it is an open-source thing, I’ll let the authors worry about it. As a consumer, just pick a version and stick with it.

3) .NET Applications are more stable when left on the file system, with their own IIS App Pool. Pulling the aspx pages into SharePoint seemed like a good idea at the time.  But not anymore.

4) Take notes when you set things up. We have a few web services and Search scopes that we need to recreate. If only we remembered exactly how they were configured…  Imagine that. Documentation would have been useful? Who would have guessed?