Jewelry / Stone Carvings

Hand-Crafted Jewelry, Carvings, and other Crafts for Sale

When I was younger and lived in Colorado, I developed a love for climbing the mountains. After suffering some injuries and getting older, I evolved into more simple explorations of the mountains and deserts, and my drive for getting to the tops of mountains has evolved into a drive to find interesting pieces of rock at the bottom of smaller hills. But you can only collect so many rocks. So I started to make simple jewelry from them. And I am now selling some of the ones that turn out well, as well as working on small carvings that are also for sale.

As of May 2017, I've actually given away the last of the necklaces I had made I had made as gifts. But I have a nice pile of rock in my garage waiting to be made into something, including some Jasper from Mexico, Obsidian from Utah, Chalcedony from Utah, and Agates from Utah. I also intend to be hitting some rock shows the first weekend of June in Utah and Colorado to see if there are any other good materials people have found that are worth picking up.

So check back here mid-June... I should have a few things for sale.