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I have worked in IT since 1990, with a focus in software development, but with significant exposure to infrastructure and strategy. Over that time, my key strength that has come to light is my ability to devise a plan to transform a system from the status quo towards a desired vision. As of the summer of 2017, I'm just leaving a 5 year stint as a full-time software developer, and intending to start a consulting practice focusing not on coding, but on IT Transformation and Migration projects. I'd love to hear from you if you feel we can help each other out.

Specifically, how can I help? In short, I thrive on change. And I'm good at navigating through a needed change. Sometimes change is difficult, but it doesn't have to be painful. I'm always happy to sit down, hear what your situation is, and figure out what help I can offer. If you are local to Utah County, an initial consultation is no cost. I'm willing to travel as well, we'd just need to work out the details.

I also do software development.

Contact: dave @

What is an IT Transformation?

On a small scale, it can be as simple as effectively deconstructing a data set from one application, and re-constructing it to fit a new application platform -- a data migration. On larger scales, it can be any change to the business, enacted through your IT systems. Or a change to your IT systems to capture cost savings or gain new capabilities via updated technology.

I've performed migrations from one application platform to another, and at one point developed a following for the content I wrote in the late 00s for moving Lotus Notes/Domino applications to SharePoint. I have written automated tools to assist with those efforts on multiple occasions that assisted companies in moving to new platforms. I've worked through mergers, bringing IT departments together. I've been involved both in outsourcing IT departments to vendors, as well as insourcing IT departments back to in-house talent when the outsourcing didn't go so well. And I've helped build out new IT teams from scratch for new ventures.


May 2017 - Not Available

June 2017 - 50% Available

July 2017 and Onward: 100% Available (I did say I was just getting started...)

Past Transformation Projects

The following is not a comprehensive list of my experience, but does describe a list of past projects that match up to the types of projects I currently am interested in:
* projects performed as part of a full-time job, the rest of the projects were consulting engagements.


The best way to reach me is via email - please feel free to drop me a line at dave @