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I have worked in IT since 1990, with specilizations in content management, web appplication development, data migrations, and platform transitions. My key strengths are indentifying areas of improvement that can be worked on an existing system without requiring a complete re-write, and devising plans for incremental improvements to your site and systems to move you towards your goals without having to jump into large projects.

I'm always happy to sit down, hear what your situation is, and figure out what help I can offer. An initial consultation is no cost. And you might be surprised what I can do without costing you a fortune. I've seen marked improvements in local business sales simply by making small improvements to web site performance and fine-tuning some details. Small details can make a big difference...

Contact: dave @


Sherri Spencer, SharePoint Systems Consultant - at Long View Systems
"Dave has an extremely impressive knowledge base. He always seems to have the answer, and provides efficient and effective solution options for any business need. He will work through an issue until it is resolved. He's a pleasure to work with, and an irreplaceable asset to our team."

Cliff Burton, Branch Chief Information Management at the National Park Service
"Dave is one of the smartest people I have met during my 20 years in IT. He would decide to learn something on Friday and come back on Monday an expert with a complete application to prove it. He can help you with any technical task you throw at him."

Robert H. Teesdale, PMP, Project management and business development
"Dave Armstrong was an irreplaceable and utterly dependable resource during my time at AlphaLynx. His ability to swiftly grasp the critical components of both technology and business situations is among the best I've seen in my career. I unreservedly and strongly recommend Dave to any company looking for an expert in both architecting and scaling information technology, and in building technology solutions from a solid understanding of the business drivers behind them."


The best way to reach me is via email - please feel free to drop me a line at dave @