The end of winter

Winter has been nuts. So much snow, so much cold. Piles and piles of snow. There were a number of days when the chickens never left the coop (and we had to rig up a feeder for them in there). We watched the snow pile up, and dreamed of spring.

With spring coming, we are thinking about projects and plans. The garden needs some weeding and more compost. The chicken run needs to be moved around. And it’s time to put up some fencing for goats.

See, with the goats being sold, we were able to get some fencing put up to expand the goat pasture and turn it into rotating pasture. My plan was to put up the pasture fence during the month of March and be ready for goats in April. But then Dave was cruising KSL (which is the local craigslist equivalent) and found someone who was looking to foster their mini goats. They would provide feed and we would provide space. This seemed like the ideal set up to me. I miss goats, I miss goat milk, but I’m still not able to toss bales of hay around like I used to. So I spend a few days getting the fences up, brained some feeders, and now we have goats on our property again.

Meet Mimi, Una, Roca, Nigerian Dwarf goats.

IMG_20170311_150511469 IMG_20170311_150533735

Mimi is in milk (YAAA!!) and Una is due in May and Roca was just bred.

Meet Mr. Bill and Riddik.


These are the bucks. I’m super excited that my pasture fencing ideas have worked out so well that the boys get their own pen, with no fence lines touching the girls. Because goats can mate through fences, yes they can.

Everyone is super excited to have goats back. And we are excited to have minis. We wanted to get some miniatures because really, they are kid sized. These guys are pretty well socialized so they love being scratched and played with.


Don’t be fooled, Mimi didn’t just want ear scratches, she wanted to chew on my shirt.

Let’s talk about the fence here for a minute. Like I said, we had a perimeter fence installed and we used fence panels to create some rotating pasture. Here, let me show you my diagram:

Scan_20170312 (2)_LI

The barn is marked as ‘B’ in the picture, and that’s the brick barn where goats have lived previously. The outside perimeter fence was installed by a fencing company over the summer. And I have put some fence panels in- the middle blue ones.  Now we discovered that when the fence guys set the posts in the middle of the field they ran the line right through the cement block we had placed out there a few years ago. I added it to my diagram in red. So that entire line was useless. We brain stormed a number of ways to move or break apart the block, but in the end, Dave got out the truck jack, and just jacked it up a little, so when it fell, it fell at an angle and moved. It took him about a day and a half of moving and tipping to get the block out of the way of the fence line. It was pretty amazing, too, no equiptment, little strain, useful fence line.

Right now, all the does are in the top left pasture, and the boys are in the bottom right. I’m pretty close to being able to close off the top right pasture to create a nursery/maternity space.

And just so you all don’t think I’ve had an amazing recovery or Dave is on the mend, know both of us were pretty useless today and we both needed a nap.

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