Wrapping up for fall

The seasons are changing here. Which we are pretty grateful for. It will be nice to put this rough summer behind us.

The garden did pretty well, considering it was mostly ignored this summer.


This was our favorite meal so far this fall-


It’s all home grown. Home grown chicken and potatoes. A little monochromatic but tasty. I’m super grateful for friends who helped butcher the chickens. They did a great job and I’m always so impressed when I pull a chicken out of the freezer.

And since it’s cooling off, it’s time for an adventure or two. We took a trip to the lava tubes south of us. Mom didn’t do any hiking but the kids did, and enjoyed exploring. Mom did keep everyone fed and watered, and managed to start a little fire as the sun was going down. Wood was scavenged from around, which meant we had to get a little creative to get it down to size. Wacking a branch against the ground seemed to work well. We let the fire go out not long after sunset to just watch the stars come out, and they were amazing.

It’s time to start pulling up plants in the garden. Maybe let the chickens run through it to help clean up some weeds. And soon we start making plans for next year.

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