6 Week Update

Loretta posted in her last update that she had broken her pelvis. Which has made the farm a bit of a challenge. We did have a ton of help from family, friends, and neighbors, for which was are enormously grateful.

But we also have simplified things. Our goats had kids… We had seven babies, six if which made it, 5 of which are girls. But we were not able to care for all of those guys properly, so the goats are temporarily living on a friend’s farm until Loretta (literally) gets back on her feet. That same friend helped us to harvest a large number of our chickens, and we integrated the remaining chickens together into a single flock, so we are down to just one chicken flock to care for.

Most of the projects for the summer are complete. We organized the wood pile, broken most of it down to logs to become our firewood this winter. Which seems silly when it is 101 degrees outside, but in January we’ll be glad to have the firewood.

We are starting to get some food coming out of our newly irrigated garden. (See the production page if you want details). Some of our seeds never germinated, some went to seed before we had a chance to maintain things, but some are producing. And tomatoes look promising once they start to ripen.

And Loretta has been cleared to start trying to stand up and put weight on her legs, which will rapidly lead to actual walking. So we have hope for more timely updates as the summer and fall progresses!

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