Unexpected cherry harvest

Ah, the cherry harvest. The big cherry tree is covered in beautiful, red, ripe cherries. We stared picking. Got about 10 lbs off the tree, got em washed up, pitted, and canned as pie filling, our favorite.

IMG_20160613_175158677 IMG_20160613_201523484_HDR

You can’t pick all the cherries in one day. It takes a few.

Most of you may have heard this, but one of those days picking cherries, I was really high up in the tree, and a branch gave way under my foot and I fell out of the tree. I got an ambulance ride to the emergency room. And lots of xrays, and a ct scan, and lots of good drugs.

IMG_20160616_085550223 IMG_20160616_151846973

Diagnosis: Broken pelvis. My pelvis is broken in 6 places, I have a break in my sacrum, and one on the transverse process of the L5 vertebrae. It’s pretty crazy to look at the x-rays. I’m pretty busted up. But I don’t need surgery, I just need rest. And no weight on my right foot. Which pretty much counts me out for the summer. I can just move around the house- I really can’t get out side, and I for sure can’t feed animals nor weed.

Both my husbands parents and my mom have come out to help, and I am SOOO grateful. We’ve got friends and neighbors stepping in to to help. I’m so glad. I do start to get a little down with my lack of mobility.

But life rolls on, whether I can get out and see it or not. And Gorgonzola had babies.

IMG_20160702_182301849 IMG_20160703_150423

ha ha just like that on Saturday evening. Three of them again. All I wanted to do was go out and help the babies nurse but I just had to give direction to my mom and kids and hope for the best. They are beautiful, and are nursing. Now we wait a few more days for Wensleydale to follow suit!


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