A little behind

I’m a little behind in posting.

When last we talked, I was contemplating if it was time to let the baby chicks out into the run. The rain stopped, and it was time.


And there are the little peepers, slowly coming out. I’ve moved the food and water out there, and now they are pretty happy critters with dirt to scratch up.

They’ve been growing, they are way less gangly¬†and now look like miniature chickens. It’s also very obvious who is a rooster and who is a hen.


That’s a hen looking right at ya.


And a rooster looking for snacks on my boots. This rooster is getting a little sassy- I pushed it out of the way of the door with my foot, and it jumped back in the way. Twice. Boy, you have a date with the stew pot. Well, frankly, all these roosters have a date with the stew pot.

I sold three of them this week. I had a friend looking for some and I figured I have a few to spare. No more though. In picking though the hens we discovered one is crossed beaked. It’s just like it sounds, where the beak is growing crossed. I did some quick reading on it, and discovered that ground up wet food in an elevated feeder and chicken nipples for watering help a cross beaked bird eat and drink. Guess what? I do all these things. So she’ll be ok, at least for a while.

We planted a bunch of seeds in the garden boxes. Sometimes I get help from kids, and sometimes help from cats.


You know, if you call that help.

Sometimes he wants a ride.


And sometimes he digs his claws in your shoulder.


Jasper is quite the pal. He runs around the field with me. He will lap up spilled water. Apparently my neighbors love watching him hunt in the back field.

Though, I don’t remember planting a cat in my window.


And this is the most confusing thing ever. Are you trying to get warm or stretch out and cool off Emmett?


The goats have escaped a few times the last week. Most of the time I let them wander for a bit.


Because all they want to do is munch. But we have to really keep an eye on them now, because we don’t want them in the garden boxes or eating the new trees.


Me: Don’t let the goats in the garden!

Small person: Oh, they are ok!

Goat: *decides to find another patch of grass to eat and stomps through the garden box*


Though now it’s our favorite game, is this goat pregnant?

The roses are in bloom,


the kids are out of school so shenanigans are ensuing,


and now we watch for the cherries to ripen!

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