Eat meat, things die.

Is it some sort of homesteader right of passage to have a chicken with no head running around? Because it happened.

So I think I may have mentioned that there are a few chickens that just don’t respect the fence and have been jumping it and mostly digging up the garden. It’s been preventing me from getting anything into the garden. I’ve been hoping to get some taller fence panels but they are kind of expensive, so when I moved the chicken run around last week I ran a few twine lines above the fence to try to prevent the jumpers. It hasn’t, and so into the pot they go.

Now the first thing people say when I mention I’m going to off a chicken for jumping the fence is “well, why don’t you trim their wing feathers?” Trimming wing feathers is supposed to prevent chickens from gaining enough lift to get over the fence. Guess what. The three birds I offed this week? All of them HAD their feathers trimmed. It didn’t help.


Chicken in my instant pot. The bones are going back in the pot for broth, and the chicken was going into tacos for dinner. Have you heard of the instant pot? It’s pretty fly. It’s an electric pressure cooker that can pretty much cook everything. Beans, rice, chicken, and farm fresh eggs.

So yes, while we were offing a chicken, the chicken literally got out of hand, and went running around the back yard, with no head. Sorry no pictures. We were all laughing pretty hard. Everyone has chipped in to help with the butchering. The kids are a great help, even if they are a little grossed out by dismembered chicken heads and guts. Because they are also fascinated- all the chickens we offed were layers so you could see multiple egg yolks growing inside them, and since we just snagged them from the yard their crops and gizzards were full so you could see what they had been eating.

And most importantly, they are gaining a respect for their food. They all think twice about eating meat right now, knowing that a creature had to die to provide their food. They really ask now about where their food comes from.

So we decided to go visit some more food.


My friend Celeste is raising some cows on her farm, and we are buying half of one. So the kids got to spend some time checking them out. These cows are super happy, lying in the sun and eating grass and hay.

IMG_20160514_134701091 IMG_20160514_134650922

When I say lying in the sun and happy I mean it. These cows are so content. They let the kids climb up on top of them while they napped. One cow had even curled his head around K’s leg and wouldn’t let him go.

I tried to tell them not to play with their food. 😎

And no spring time blog post would be complete with out a visit to the growing chicks. This week I’ve worked on opening up the rest of the run and letting them outside. I’ve also built a tiny roost for them.


They aren’t too sure about it.


I planned on opening up their little door and letting them get out into the run and the sunshine and the dirt but then it poured rain so I’m giving them a few more days.


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