Vacation and all that comes with it

Early spring, we usually take a visit to see Dave’s parents in Florida. In the past we’ve gone in late February/ Early March and it’s worked out- nice and cool there, not yet spring time here. This year, though, all the kids are in school so we we were trying to figure out how to make it work over spring break in April. After much deliberation, we decided it WOUND”T work, so we took the kids out of school for a few days, and headed south.

Now, vacation on a farm takes a whole lot more than vacation with just a home. We’ve got animals needing fed twice a day, and this time around, we have goats needing to be milked, twice a day, morning and evening, no slouching. I had been struggling with who to ask and how to handle it. I mentioned this to my neighbor Laura and she got kind of excited and offered to learn to milk goats.

Have I mentioned how awesome my neighbor Laura is? She’s pretty awesome.

I spent about a week teaching her the ways of  goat milking. She in turn brought her nieces (and a nephew) along and everyone learned and the goats were milked. I have had the miking stand inside the barn but I decided to move it out side (hoping to decrease any sort of bacteria and increase better tasting milk). But now it has no cover. And of course one of the last days before we left there was a lot of cold rain.


But twice a day she was there with out fail milking for us. New neighbors behind us fed the animals (which was a good idea, no one person was overwhelmed by all the chores) and we were able to enjoy our vacation.

We also finished up a couple of tasks before we left. The goat barn was FINALLY mucked out. It took 4 days of me, Dave and Dani working on it.


That’s a LOT of poop. But there is hay and straw in there. And it’s in with the chickens, so they are going to mix it up and eat any hay leaves. Soon, it will be garden boxes, and after that, it will be food.


Dave surprised me with this project- he painted an accent wall in our kitchen and we added shelves.

Vacation was great. We saw alligators in the Everglades.


Watched the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico.


And just enjoyed time with family, and spending a little time with Dave’s 91 year old grandmother.

We came home and were greeted by this, though.


And by the time it was time to go home, I was really missing my farm. I missed my rich goat milk, my fresh chicken eggs, and I really missed the cycle we have at our home. I love feeding my kitchen scraps to my chickens and getting fresh eggs every day. It reminds me to be grateful for what I have.

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