Exciting, but hard to photograph

Sometimes things happen around here that are exciting, but hard to photograph.

For instance. This.


Its dirt right? NO! It’s smoothed out dirt where the irrigation ditch used to come in. IT’S SO EXCITING!

And this:


It’s the chicken run- in a new location! I figured since that since we were making such a mess of things I should make a mess of the run. I also have hopes to put a composter in the corner.

But I should back up and tell you about moving dirt.

Back when the irrigation ditch came into our property there by the chicken coop, some ditches had been run to move the water through part of the property. I had filled in some ditches, but had made some others, and many of those ditches were running right where I want to put some more garden boxes. We also had ‘stonehenge’ that we were trying to deal with- concrete footings for a previous structure had been dug out by the guys building the shed, but were left just laying around on the ground. And they were too huge to just pick up and heft into the back of the truck. We kicked around ideas how to solve this, and finally I remembered that the guy who did concrete for us last year had used his little bobcat to tear out and bury our failing trampoline. I gave him a call, and he was willing to come out. He filled in the previous ditch, smoothed out some of the mess where the piped ditch was, relocated stonehenge, and even had his guys help with some clean up around the farm.

I also figured since he had the bobcat, he could help tear out the posts for the zipline. I’m really glad I asked.


There was no way I could have gotten that out myself. That’s probably 8 ft long and at least 2 feet wide of pretty solid concrete.

When the Dewberrys were here with shaving, Pa Dewberry had suggested that we should move stonehenge into the goat pens to give the goats something to play on and help grind down their hooves. The zipline piece ended there too.


The nubians aren’t to sure about it but the children sure love it. Mittens loves hers and she has been seen perching on a pillar often.

As all this crazyness was happening, I let the chickens roam free. It was a good day, they scratched up a flower bed, dug in the lawn, and got lots of bugs and grass to eat.


Ironically, Ursula K LeHen spent much of that day in the coop. I guess that’s just the universe balancing- she spends some of her day free ranging in the yard (because, you know, she won’t be shackled by the silly fence you try to hold her in with) so when it was time for everyone to free range, she decided that was her time to chill in the coop.


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