Spring Break

About spring time we take a visit to Dave’s parents in Florida. It’s a little stressful to leave the farm and all of its responsibilities. Luckily, I’ve got some of the best neighbors in the world. Last year, Peg and her boys, who live behind us, fed the animals while Laura, who lives across the street from them, milked the goats. This year Peg took care of the chickens and Laura did the goats, discovering that milking goats is like riding a bike. I should mention this year I have moved the milking stand indoors, so Laura didn’t get rained on. I need to post about that, I’m so happy about my indoor milking!

Having neighbors watch the farm allowed us to really enjoy our yearly vacation. The kids got to swim almost every day. We went to the beach and watched the sun go down.

Sunset over Naples Beach

Mr. K was able to earn his fishing belt loop. He tried to fish with a ‘home made’ fishing rig.

Fishing line, kite reel, and a safety pin

No bites.

There was lots of fishing, but little success.

There was time just hanging out with grandparents (and great grandparents).

By the time we came home everything was super lush and green. The lawn is going to need to be mown, and the trees are starting to bloom.

But in true spring time fashion, this morning we woke up to this…..



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