Dave Armstrong -- Clever, Outdoorsy, Creative Ex-Geek with Tech Skills

I live in Utah, on a small hobby farm. I work. We go on outdoor adventures, we produce some of our own food and energy.
We make things. We learn things. We explore places.

IT Consulting

Small Business Web Design, IT Systems, and Software Development, with a focus on delivering business value via small, simple solutions.

Jewelry / Stone Carvings

We don't just collect shiny rocks, we make things from them.

Software Development

In my former life, I was a full-time software engineer. I still offer those services. A little bit.

Perler Bead Design Creator

Most popular page on the site. Converts images into the bead colors and panels for a perler bead project, and gives you a PDF download of the resulting design.

Cross Stitch Designer

Converts images into cross-stich designs, and give you a download of the resulting design image. Not yet fully baked, but feel free to give it a try.

Coloring Book Creator

Upload one or multiple images, which will be simplified into a coloring book. You can then download the book as a PDF to print at home.

Pixel Art By Number

Converts an image into an 8x10 pixel art design, with color coding to match Crayola crayons. My kids and I came up with this idea, and they seem to enjoy these.

ASCII Art From Photos

Select an image, and this will convert it into ASCII Art. (Letters and Numbers)

Pixelated Photo Generator

Probably useless to the general public, but this is a tool I am experimenting with for making patterns to create pixelated artwork using my stash of markers, and based on digital images.

Armstrong Family Blog

We live on a small hobby farm, growing food, raising animals, and trying to live sustainably. The blog documents our efforts and offers photos of what transpires around here.

Loretta's Blog

Loretta sews, weaves, knits, and does lots of stuff with fiber. She owns angora goats, and antique sock knitting machines. Sometimes she writes things.

Dave's Blog

Dave is a software engineer, who works from home, and very occasionally writes something. There is no rhyme or reason to when or why he writes.


A game that evolved from kicking soccer balls around outside our home, and which we play a few times a week. It has some similarity to soccer, except that it is actually nothing like soccer.

Average Photo Color

Select an image, and this will merge all the colors to tell you what the average color of the photo is. Simple, possibly pointless. But hey, if you need such a thing, here it is.

ASCII Codes from String

I do a lot of data imports as part of my job, and sometimes need to know the ASCII code for some weird character I am sent. This page lets me paste it in, and see what it is.

Idle Chess

A Saturday experiment -- Chess game that plays itself, but white starts with just a King, as you earn/buy the rest of the pieces, and increased AI levels until you win.